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Wisdom Teeth: Why?

Usually when a person moves up into their early twenties or sometimes in even their teenage years, their wisdom teeth start to make their appearance. And on rare occasions, wisdom teeth can actually come in completely straight and aligned. But unfortunately, most wisdom teeth come in misaligned and with a vengeance. They cause our mouths to become overcrowded and full of pain; this is the first sign that your wisdom teeth must be removed. Below are some reasons for needing to have your wisdom teeth removed so your mouth can stay healthy and free of concern.

Full Impacted. If your wisdom teeth become fully impacted, this means that your tooth has become completely covered by the tissue in your gums which prohibit your tooth from coming up through your gum. In this occasion one's mouth is usually too small to house the additional tooth which then causes food or debris to become lodged under your gum eventually causing an infection or abscess.

Partial Impacted. If your wisdom teeth become partially impacted, this means that your tooth has partially emerged from your gums. Because your wisdom teeth are located in the very back of your mouth, if your tooth becomes emerged it will need to be removed ASAP. When you have a partially impacted tooth this means your tooth is highly likely to develop an infection, cavities and even gingivitis.

Additional Reasons. Having full or partially impacted wisdom teeth are not always the only reasons to have them removed, if you experience any of these symptoms or changes in your dental region, you will need to speak to your doctor to see if you in fact need your wisdom teeth removed:

  • Gingivitis
  • Decay in teeth
  • Any kind of gum or tooth damage
  • Chronic mouth infections
  • Pain in or around your wisdom teeth area
  • Sores
  • Cysts
  • Tumors

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