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Sugary drinks and Your Children’s Health

You may not realize the effect sports drinks, energy drinks, soda and citric juices have on your child's smile. These certain types of beverages seem to be marketed directly to your kids and as parents, we want to make our children happy. However, purchasing these drinks for your children can be affecting their overall oral health in a very negative way.

Why are they bad for your children? 

As harmless as you may picture these drinks to be for your children, they are actually packed with sugars and artificial dyes. While these drinks might be visual appealing, sugar and dyes can lead directly to cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and permanent stains on teeth. The combination of sugar, carbonation and caffeine will damage and eat away at your children's teeth and suck the calcium from their bones, erode their enamel, affect their sleep and cause behavioral issues.

How to protect your children's teeth? 

Stick to natural sugar. Instead of choosing processed sugary beverages, opt for natural and healthy ones. Juicing your own fruits and vegetables is a smart and healthy way to create a satisfying and refreshing drink. Also, consuming this drink all at once instead of sipping on it throughout the day will limit your exposure to the sugar and acid on your teeth.

Limit their sugar intake. 

Limiting the amount of sugary drinks in your child's diet will significantly reduce acid's attack on their teeth. Also, keeping them from eating an hour before bedtime reduces the risk for these types of attacks. It is important to remember that when you are asleep your salivary rates are at lower levels, which in turn inhibits your abilities to neutralize the acid in your system.

Keep up with their dentist visits. 

Having your children's teeth checked and cleaned regularly will always reduce their risk for any type of gum and mouth disease. Dental treatments keep enamel strong and healthy while helping to withstand acid attacks and prevent cavities. To keep their teeth at their maximum health it is vital to have dental care for your children, that way treatment can be provided before any serious impacts take effect on their health.

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