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When to NOT Brush Your Teeth

Before You Have A Meal. Unfortunately, our first thought when it comes to plaque, is that all of it is bad. But actually, some and certain types of plaque can be good for your oral flora if kept maintained and immature. The first example of when to not brush your teeth is before you eat and drink acidic foods. Shortly after we brush our teeth an initial layer of plaque covers the teeth to protect our mouth and oral health and when we consume acidic foods, the acid challenges our enamel. This reaction pertains not only to acidic unhealthy junk food but to acidic healthy foods as well. So, by avoiding brushing your teeth right before eating we allow a protective film to form providing a healthy oral flora.

Right After a Meal. Waiting at least twenty minutes after eating a meal gives your mouth a chance to complete "Oral Clearance". This certain process is performed when debris from food is naturally removed and our pH is neutralized through our saliva. With this method, as well as a healthy layer of plaque to protect our enamel on our teeth, we are still exposed to acid exposure. So, by brushing your teeth right after a meal you can risk brushing away much the needed softened enamel and as a result, block oral clearance. Another way to "clean" your teeth after a meal if needed is to swish around some room temperature water to further help remove food debris and neutralize your oral acids.

After Becoming Ill. There is no nice way to put it but, the absolute worst time to brush your teeth is immediately after vomiting. The strongest acids from your stomach that come up when vomiting can majorly damage enamel. So, with this said you may think that brushing your teeth should be the first thing to do, however swishing water and spitting is the better option. You can also keep a mint in your mouth to help settle down your upset stomach and improve the taste in your mouth.

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