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Nail-Biting Be Gone

Like any bad habit, nail-biting is typically a very common thing and one which can be hard to break. In most cases, nail-biting begins in a person's earlier years and usually carries on into their adult years. This habit can not only lead to damaged nail beds and swollen fingers, but also puts a beating on your mouth and teeth! Chewing on your nails can also lead to what is called "Bruxism". This is a condition where a person starts to unintentionally grind their teeth which leads to tooth loss, facial pain, headaches and tooth sensitivity. The most common reason for nail-biting is stress related and is something to consider treating. Here are some tips to follow if you or someone you know has a nail-biting habit...

Switch Your Stress. Finding other ways to deal with your stress or anxiety other than nail-biting is very effective. Physical exercise, meditation, yoga or breathing exercises will keep you occupied and away from nail-biting. It is important to have control over your mind and when the urge to bite comes about, switch it with something healthy and productive.

Keep Your Nails Short. Trimming your nails can also be an effective solution to nail-biting. When you keep your nails cut and short, this makes them less appealing and less tempting to bite on.

Keep Nail Polish on Your Nails. When you go to the salon or even paint your nails yourself, you are investing time and money into them. If you keep with regular manicures or regular polishing you will be less likely to ruin the investment you've made and the taste of nail polish will not be tasty for your mouth!

If you have tried all the above methods and still are having problems with your nail-biting habit, it is smart to consult your doctor as it could be signs of other problems. Whatever the root cause of nail-biting, a remedy must be found to ensure your physical and emotional health is strong.

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