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Kiss and Tell: Summer Ready Lips and Breath

Is your mouth and lips ready for summer? The best and easiest way to keep your lips and mouth fresh and healthy for the summer and all year around is to keep on top of your oral hygiene routine. We already know that setting up your bi-annual dentist visits are vital in keeping your teeth in good condition, there are also some extra treatments you might want to consider for even more oral protection. Dental sealants, routine cleanings and fluoride treatments can all keep your teeth strong, white and healthy especially when done regularly.

Taking care of your lips is also important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you are worried about keeping your lips luscious and kissable, consider these few tips that are guaranteed to work.

Apply balm to your lips frequently. Try finding a balm or lipstick full of vitamin E or shea butter.

Use a humidifier.  Humidifiers can also be beneficial in keeping your lips and skin moisturized and free from flaking.

Stay Hydrated! Make sure to drink water and drinks that are full of electrolytes that replenish your body and skin, keeping them free from dryness and dullness.

Apply Sunscreen! Protect your body as well as your lips from the harmful sun rays. Lips are often overlooked but are just as important when staying protected.

Avoid Spicy Foods! If your lips are prone to chap and you are eating spicy foods or foods high in citrus or salt they will dry out your lips even more and causing unwanted cracking.

With just a small more amount of effort and use of your dental doctors, summer will be easy and breezy. Do not let your chapped lips or bad breath stand in the way of having fun! Just remember to brush your teeth and tongue more than once a day, rinse after you brush and floss floss floss!

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