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Inflamed Gums – How to Eliminate?

Inflamed gums can quite easily be treated to reverse early gum disease. You can start treating the inflammation by taking the following steps to get your gums and mouth back in good health.

Brush up on your brushing technique. Brush less vigorously to avoid damaging the tissue around your teeth, which can inflame gums. Also, experts recommend using a brush with soft, nylon bristles to prevent gum damage. Finally, be sure to use a gentle back and forth brushing motion.

Floss diligently. Flossing removes food particles that remain in between your teeth and can cause plaque and tartar build-up, both of which can lead to gum disease and inflamed gums. Also, be gentle when flossing to avoid inflamed gums. Carefully slide the floss between your teeth rather than forcing it down and causing damage to your gums.

Rinse regularly. Rinsing your mouth helps remove food particles and debris, as well as the carbohydrates that cause plaque and can lead to gum disease. So, no matter where you are, it helps to rinse your mouth after each meal or snack. It’s also important to have a mouthwash specially formulated for your . It will help neutralize plaque bacteria and reduce early signs of gum disease like gingivitis.

Brush with a gum care formula. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, you can try brushing with a toothpaste that is more sensitive to your gums. These toothpastes should get right to the source of the issue by treating your gums for fast relief. Since a healthy mouth starts at the gum line, attention to this area is key.

Use an anti-gingivitis toothpaste. A toothpaste that can reach and neutralize the plaque found around the gum line and help treat gum issues before they start. Harmful plaque bacteria around the gum line can even lead to weakened enamel. Since a healthy mouth starts at the gum line, attention to this area is key.

Improve your nutrition. Eating a well-balanced diet can contribute to better gum health. Be sure to get plenty of Vitamin C and calcium, which can minimize the likelihood of experiencing swollen gums.

De-Stress. High levels of stress can impact your hormone levels, particularly the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can lead to inflammation and possibly swollen gums. Try to de-stress as much as possible.

Finally, if you do suffer from inflamed gums, be sure to visit Johnson Family Dentistry for treatment recommendations. We can help pinpoint the specific cause of the inflammation and help you get to better gum health. The good news is that you don’t have to live with inflamed gums, since there are numerous ways to treat it.

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