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How to Help Soothe a Toothache Naturally

There are plenty of healthy alternative ways to help sooth a toothache besides medicine. Toothaches can arise in different forms but no matter how they appear they all have one thing in common: they are painful! Our team here at Johnson Family Dentistry are here to remind you that there are simple and natural ways to help your toothache pain. Toothaches are typically caused by a number of problems; These can include infection, gingivitis, tooth trauma or even teeth grinding. The symptoms that accompany a toothache are mostly pain when biting, followed by fever, discharge and trouble swallowing. If you experience any of these symptoms from your toothache it is vital to manage the pain and soothe them with natural remedies. And if for some reason the symptoms and pain do not go away, contact our Central Florida office immediately to schedule an appointment to avoid any further damage.

  1. Remedies for Toothache:
  2. Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the area affected to help keep swelling at bay.
  3. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to disinfect and sooth the tooth that is aching.
  4. Brush and floss your teeth and mouth completely to clear any debris that can be stuck in your teeth.
  5. Drinking peppermint tea can help with the pain by numbing the area.
  6. Using specific essential oils can also help numb the area affected by pain. Try opting for peppermint, thyme, clove or eucalyptus.
  7. Garlic can be applied to the affected area to help sooth pain, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.
  8. Eating Greek yogurt is also great for a toothache due to it’s ability to produce healthy bacteria in your mouth helping to fight off the infection.
  9. Vanilla extract contains alcohol which will numb the pain and antioxidants to heal the tooth.

Preventing toothaches is the main focus to keeping your teeth healthy and strong. By brushing, flossing and making sure you maintain a healthy diet, toothaches can be a thing of the past for your mouth. Make sure to also schedule and follow through on your dental exams here at Johnson Family Dentistry to sustain optimum oral health.

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