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Foods That Brighten Your Smile

Allot of what you eat affects your smile and oral health overall. But, were you aware that some foods actually make your smile brighter and teeth much healthier? Below is a list of some foods that alter your smile for the positive and keep you healthy in return...

Celery. Celery is a great option for cleaning teeth because of its crunchiness. When we chew we salivate and saliva naturally neutralizes bacteria associated with cavities. It is acts like floss and helps to clean between your teeth.

Onions. Onions may not always cause the freshest smelling breath, but what it does do is give the bacteria in your mouth a run for its money. They vegetable onion contains sulfur which acts as an antibacterial cleanser for your mouth. Fact: They are most effective when consumed raw.

Kiwi. This magical fruit contains plenty of Vitamin C which helps to keep your tissues in your mouth strong and healthy.

Cheese. Consuming a healthy amount of cheese in your diet will definitely reflect in your mouth. Cheese is very high in phosphates and calcium which help to level out the pH in your mouth, making you at less of a risk for cavities and gingivitis; it can also protect tooth enamel.

If you are serious about your oral health and the food you eat, incorporating these types of foods into your diet will drastically improve the way your teeth look and feel. There are more foods out there that benefit your mouth, just make sure to keep them in mind when it's time to eat. Your teeth and gums rely on the vitamins and nutrients from certain types of foods to keep them healthy and happy. The next time you’re at the grocery store, make sure to pick-up some of these healthy snacks to keep those pearly whites strong and bright!

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