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Everything You Need to Know About Cavities

When a cavity is forming on a tooth, it goes through a process which breaks down the natural hard surface covering on the tooth (enamel). When the enamel becomes broken down, it leaves your tooth susceptible to decay and infection from bacteria. Your mouth is naturally made up of hundreds of various types of bacteria, some good and some bad. All of the bacteria combined in your mouth help to form a colorless, sticky film on your teeth, better known as plaque. Specific plaque bacteria feed off of the food and drink you take in throughout the day which then forms acid in your mouth. Foods that contain sugar and starches are the culprits responsible for eating away at your enamel, leaving your teeth exposed and vulnerable.

A tooth that is constantly exposed to these “acid attacks” over time, will cause your teeth to lose more vital minerals faster than they can become replaced. Mineral loss often has a white-colored appearance acting as an early detector of tooth decay. When you have the lacking of minerals in your teeth, your enamel will continuously weaken and in time destroy your enamel leading to the formation of a cavity. As soon as a cavity is formed, it is imperative to have it repaired and filled by a professional dentist. Filling your tooth after a cavity is formed is critical because the saliva minerals can no longer reverse the damage and protect your tooth.

Your saliva contains natural minerals like phosphate and calcium, which work together to help your enamel repair itself. When a cavity is formed, your saliva can no longer carry out this function, leaving your tooth up to a dental professional for repair. Minerals such as fluoride help to restore your teeth, prevent cavities and reduce acid attacks on your teeth. Prevention is key when it comes to your oral health because once you have cavities, you cannot reverse it, you can only have it repaired. Making sure to maintain a healthy balanced diet, stay hydrated, brush with fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, and be consistent with your dental check-ups, will ensure overall optimum oral health.

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