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Do Adults Benefit from Fluoridation?

Fluoridation plays a protective role against tooth decay throughout life, benefiting both children and adults.

In the mid-1950s, it became evident through testing that the beneficial effects of fluoridation were not confined to children drinking the fluoridated water from birth. The fact that a reduction in tooth decay was observed for teeth which had already been calcified or were erupted when fluoridation was started indicated that a beneficial effect could be gained by older age groups.

Today it is understood that the maximum reduction in tooth decay occurs when fluoride has been incorporated into the tooth during formation and when it also is available at the tooth surface during demineralization and remineralization. Fluoridation works in both ways to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride and  minerals, including calcium and phosphate, are present in saliva and are stored in dental plaque (a soft, sticky film that is constantly forming on teeth). To halt the formation of tooth decay or rebuild tooth surfaces, fluoride must be constantly present in low concentrations in saliva and plaque. Frequent exposure to small amounts of fluoride, such as occurs when drinking fluoridated water, helps to maintain the reservoir of available fluoride in saliva and plaque to resist demineralization and enhance remineralization. In other words, drinking fluoridated water provides the right amount of fluoride at the right place at the right time.

Fluoride in water and water-based beverages is consumed many times during the day, providing frequent contact with tooth structures and making fluoride available to fluoride reservoirs in the mouth. This helps explain why fluoride at the low levels found in fluoridated water helps to prevent tooth decay in teeth after they have erupted.

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