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Dental Sealants 101

Dental sealants are clear or white pieces of plastic material that are used to cover fissures(pits) in teeth. These sealants are molded to the top of your teeth into their grooves, to protect and seal them from harmful bacteria, acid and sugar. These sealants usually last years, unless it becomes damaged or needs to be replaced for any reason. Dental sealants also act as a barrier, preventing cavities, tooth decay and plaque, which can get almost anywhere on your teeth. The teeth which have deep fissures, such as molars, are more susceptible to decay because of their small crevices and hard to clean pits. This results in rapid tooth decay and eventually turns into a cavity. If a cavity is left untreated, you take the risk in losing a tooth as well as possibly needing a root canal procedure; it is always smarter to opt for prevention versus treatment.

Dental sealants are typically targeted for children. Sealants are applied to children’s permanent back teeth so that any natural fissures or grooves are protected. It is urged to have dental sealants applied as early as possible, around the age of six when their first adult teeth start to come in. Doing this early, before decay and bacteria can set in, provides your child with extra safety as well as a lower risk of developing cavities or dental problems later in life. Aside from children, sealants can definitely be used for adults regardless of the age, to secure protection and lessen oral health issues. Once your dental sealants are applied it does not require any special treatment. Making sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly will protect your smile and mouth from disease. Any general dentist will be able to apply dental sealants, and if you aren’t sure if you may already have them, call us at Johnson Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment.

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