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Why Are Dental Implants So Important for Missing Teeth?

Every tooth is important, especially for the average middle age adult who loses a tooth either from decay or injury. Each tooth in your mouth plays a specific and vital role that makes up the structure and functioning of your mouth. If you lose a tooth and do not replace it your mouth and health may suffer with severe consequences. Here are some reasons why every tooth that is missing should be replaced quickly and correctly, and what could result if you do not have it replaced.

Periodontal Disease/Bone Loss. When you have a missing tooth your teeth shift, and when your teeth shift it makes it easier for plaque to settle in between them in the harder to reach areas of your mouth. This plaque that accumulates puts you at a higher risk for gum disease and poor oral health. Also, your bone that surrounded your tooth that is missing starts to deteriorate and chip away.

Bite and Eating Changes. The loss of teeth can cause your bite pressure to change and redirect to different areas of your mouth which then puts stress on other teeth. This can also cause your teeth to shift and move into the place your missing teeth were.

Appearance and Speech Changes. As humans, we all know appearance and aesthetics play a large role in our everyday lives. When we lose a tooth, especially a visible one, a gap forms between our teeth which can cause us to become self-conscious or even insecure about it. Missing teeth can also affect the way you speak depending on its location which can sometimes lead to needing speech therapy if not treated and replaced.

Luckily, because of the many advancements in dental car, it is easy to improve and replace teeth. When you choose to get dental implants you are choosing a permanent solution for replacing the teeth you’ve lost. Every person is different and needs to be consulted by a dentist, but when cared for properly and correctly your dental implants can last forever.

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