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Back to School Dental Tips

With summer coming to an end and fall slowly "falling" upon us, kids are heading back to school and getting back to their routines. I'm sure you have hit the sales for back to school supplies and your kids are finishing up on their summer school to-do list, but don't forget to also make sure they have all the supplies they need to maintain that healthy and happy smile throughout the year! Here are a couple dental tips to help you keep your child's smile at a 4.0:

Stash Away Healthy Snacks and Drinks. If your children are involved in any type of extracurricular activity or just simply wants treats throughout the day and after school, it is a good idea to make sure they have healthy and smart options to pick from. This makes it easy for your child to maintain good oral hygiene as well as natural energy to complete their sometimes exhausting and non-stop schedules.

Drink Water.  Water is recommended in replacement of sugar packed sports drinks and won't give your child that sugar crash at the end of their day. Water hydrates the body just as well and if you are looking for some extra electrolytes there are options out there without the loaded sugars. Healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and veggies are a better option than the high-carb snacks like chips, cookies or any packaged snack with preservatives. These types of packaged snacks can damage your child's teeth as well as having no nutrient base to them keeping your child hungry and craving unhealthy foods.

Teeth Cleanings. Consistent dental cleanings and check-ups are vital to maintain twice a year during your child's years of adolescence. Sometimes these appointments are necessary for certain schools who require this for enrollment. These regular checkups with your child's dentist aid in keeping healthy routines with their oral health and also give opportunities for reward.

Back to school often includes being back to steadier and consistent routines. This also is great when it comes to your child's oral health routine. The smartest and easiest way for you and your family to keep that healthy smile is to practice together and make it an entire family activity. As well as brushing you and your child's teeth, don't forget flossing!

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