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Alcohol and Your Oral Health

Have you ever wondered if that ice cold beer you enjoy after a long day's work or that fruity looking martini you sip on when you're out with your girlfriends is a good idea? There are actually a few surprising reasons why that certain beverage of choice may be doing damage to your pearly whites...

First off, alcohol drains your mouth's tissues of its moisture. This sends dry mouth and dehydration your way because your saliva glands are unable to keep up with alcohol's diuretic properties. When this result happens, it does not allow your mouth to produce the good bacteria needed to keep the bad bacteria at bay. This type of bad bacteria that is produced is the cause of gingivitis, bad breath, tooth decay and serious infections of the gums.

Along with these negative side effects of alcohol on your oral health, oral cancer is also considered a risk when consuming these beverages. There is a chemical compound that is produced from the liver which can also occur in the oral tissues which enhances the accumulation of this chemical, acetaldehyde. With all this evidence showing how alcohol can increase the risk of decreased oral health, it takes the number one spot for the primary contributor of oral cancer.

You do not have to be a consistent drinker to develop oral cancer, in fact unhealthy habits like smoking and eating junk food can also contribute to the development of poor oral health. Always being aware of the warning signs and side effects like swelling, chronic throat pain or unexplained bleeding will help your chances of catching anything early and being able to heal completely.

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