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3 Indications of a Healthy Mouth

Bottom line, healthy mouth means healthy body. And when health issues arise often times they arise first in the mouth and at your dental checkup. Below are three true signs that your mouth and oral health is up to speed.

  1. Fresh or Neutral Smelling Breath. A mouth that is healthy always has nice smelling breath, and this indicator is easily tested and can be done virtually anywhere. Using floss or a fingernail you can scrape your tongue and take a whiff. If you happen to smell a foul odor or have bad breath, this could be a result of bacteria or food still present. Bad breath can also be caused by certain medications, beverages and could also be a sign of other health issues or sinus problems. Making sure to follow a consistent grooming schedule for your mouth can help to maintain pleasant breath and a healthy smile.
  1. Good Looking Gums. Checking your gums for positive signs is also easy to do and takes no time at all. When you are inspecting your gums, make sure they are pink in color and firm to the touch. They should also feel firm and secure, not moving around or feeling loose. Flossing daily and regularly helps to keep your gums in check and prevent areas for bacteria to grow which will overtime cause tooth decay, tooth damage and bad breath. Healthy gums are the main indicator of a healthy body.
  1. Healthy Tissue. When your dentist examines your mouth at your dental checkup, he or she is not only looking at your teeth. Most health issues that stem in your mouth can likely represent whole body issues in your heart, thyroid as well as diabetes. While your dentist is looking at your entire mouth, your oral tissues play a big part in determining your health as well. Oral tissues that are healthy are usually pink, firm and moist. If you have oral health issues, your symptoms will include infection, sores, tenderness, swelling and or dry mouth. If your dentist happens to see any of these warning signs, he or she will discuss these with you and recommend any following actions.

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