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Oral Cancer Screening 101

Oral cancer affects almost 40,000 Americans each year, forming in the gums, lips, cheeks, tongue, throat and all regions of the mouth. Cancer screenings should be a vital part of maintaining your health as well as being included in your regular dental checkups. Your dentist is qualified to watch and detect any warning signs of…
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How to Help Soothe a Toothache Naturally

There are plenty of healthy alternative ways to help sooth a toothache besides medicine. Toothaches can arise in different forms but no matter how they appear they all have one thing in common: they are painful! Our team here at Johnson Family Dentistry are here to remind you that there are simple and natural ways…
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Nail-Biting Be Gone

Like any bad habit, nail-biting is typically a very common thing and one which can be hard to break. In most cases, nail-biting begins in a person's earlier years and usually carries on into their adult years. This habit can not only lead to damaged nail beds and swollen fingers, but also puts a beating…
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Wisdom Teeth: Why?

Usually when a person moves up into their early twenties or sometimes in even their teenage years, their wisdom teeth start to make their appearance. And on rare occasions, wisdom teeth can actually come in completely straight and aligned. But unfortunately, most wisdom teeth come in misaligned and with a vengeance. They cause our mouths…
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