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Everything You Need to Know About Cavities

When a cavity is forming on a tooth, it goes through a process which breaks down the natural hard surface covering on the tooth (enamel). When the enamel becomes broken down, it leaves your tooth susceptible to decay and infection from bacteria. Your mouth is naturally made up of hundreds of various types of bacteria,…
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Spring Cleaning for your mouth

When we think about spring we often associate it with “spring cleaning”. It is the perfect season to clean your home, refresh your space and start new with healthy habits/lifestyle. However, aside from cleaning and decluttering your home, you can also put priority in cleaning up your oral health. Below are some tips to make…
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Dental Sealants 101

Dental sealants are clear or white pieces of plastic material that are used to cover fissures(pits) in teeth. These sealants are molded to the top of your teeth into their grooves, to protect and seal them from harmful bacteria, acid and sugar. These sealants usually last years, unless it becomes damaged or needs to be…
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Saving Teeth: Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are typically the best option if you have a tooth with nerve damage caused by either decay or infection. A root canal is a procedure that removes an infected tooth and saves your mouth from more harm. Your teeth do not rely on nerves for functioning, so removal of the nerve will not…
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